Only a specialist in Aesthetic for your FACE!


R. A specialized medical consultation well done and complete.
You can take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour; time when concerns are clarified the procedure is explained and examined the patient. Payment of the consultation represents the value you have to yourself to get the concept of an ideal doctor who in turn has invested time and money in training to be listed as one of the best in the specialty you see

R. Surgery is always located depending on the area chosen for the procedure. No unnecessary cuts and lens are made on the face are the areas of camouflage to note that no surgery.

R. Not really any surgery done in areas of the face and nose generate minimal pain scale almost imperceptible but anguish and anxiety can generate but only discomfort may be evidenced by edema or swelling.

R. Impossible surgery that is performed on each patient is unique to this photographic profilometry analysis that helps in guiding the surgery required and necessary change to be achieved. Sometimes we can achieve similarities but never required or intended to be as or magazine or television.

R. Yes, perhaps while in consultation and examination can be seen many more surgical needs that will achieve a better result and the effect desired impression which captures your eye but still no surgeon by his experience itself.

R. The best guarantee that there is choosing an experienced specialist in the area and approved by the companies to which it belongs. Remember, membership number in a society recognized in our country is obtained prior to exams, presentation of papers and other specialists ecognition by guild approving universities accepted to provide various certifications. In medicine there is nothing precise and every body reacts differently therefore no guarantees are given in surgery.

R. That's what I think unfortunately most patients and so do not assume that a cosmetic procedure is done is surgery and therefore do not take seriously the signs precautions and care. Cosmetic surgery is no hairdresser and less if accompanied by a functional procedure.

Any surgery however small can generate risks and complications if you do not accept responsibly directions, so do not push your surgeon sue for something you know yourself to blame.

R. No, unfortunately procedures are not forever, since we are organisms that we aging and constantly change with the passage of time.

R. It is impossible to think that someone I operate or perform an invasive procedure and expect to return to normal activities the next day, this is not possible, are different agencies and respond to any aggression, so you better have fun, enjoy and when you have the time to care and comply with their inability do that otherwise it will cause a problem to her health nonconformity its outcome and disgust on his surgeon and staff.

R. Thank you for your offer but the image of each surgeon and his staff are ourselves, every patient is operated with interest and dedication to obtain excellent results, no matter the social status, race, education or culture.

The values given to each surgery and procedure compliance should not be traded because what you will receive is in your own interest, health and life, do not insist on putting their own money to something that will not change, in other countries do so is an insult to the surgeon, avoid doing here. Dude offers and great savings, surgery and medical ethics there pay one get two professionalism is not negotiated. In life there are no bargains and if you want to place your image in my hands is because trust and want to bring more patients were handled in the same way with the same respect and like attention.

NOTE: Before your consultation analyze exactly what you want to be done. It is very important to be absolutely sure of the surgery or procedure and choosing the professional trust and that you consider appropriate and suitable. If it was already operated by another professional, independent whether the procedure that this will realize went right or wrong, please refrain from profanity, bad reviews or look up lead us to question the judgment of the previous doctor, remember that most doctors agree our academy we omit various concepts and we will not always agree on all clinical cases to achieve your goal.