Reconstructive Surgery

Procedure in which are performed a series of surgical procedures to correct deformities, trauma or various diseases that affect the physical aspect of the patient, to result in a harmonious, pleasant and satisfying for the patient look.

A procedure that are extracted from face different biopolymers elements, open surgery.

Dr. Daniel Manrique has extensive experience due to multiple procedures performed in the extraction of these elements

Procedure in which is done an extraction and transplantation of healthy skin from the donor area or another receiving area where the skin is injured to which the implant is made in order to cover the affected area takes place. Reconstruction after MOHS.

Procedure used to correct physical defects on the face, is encouraged that environmental factors may react with certain genes that interfere with normal development of the palate and lip after surgery, the scar is very scarce

It consists of total reconstruction of the face either by accident, trauma, cancer or tumors.

Procedure used to solve the problems caused by age are reflected in the contour of the head and neck skin that descends due to gravity, by the process occurs a change meaning in the appearance of the person as it makes her look more young.